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About Us

Embarking on a Trading Journey

From the serene landscapes of Switzerland, I embarked on my trading journey in 2020, delving deep into various strategies like the SK System and Smart Money trading. My path to profitability was not without its emotional challenges; the volatility of trading months took a heavy toll on me, highlighting my emotional unsuitability for the trading world. This realization steered me towards the universe of Expert Advisors (EAs), where I quickly learned that the market was flooded with ineffective solutions. The majority of the EAs available online were scams, showcasing impressive backtests that failed miserably on live accounts. Many were based on the Martingale system, not only prohibited by most Prop Firms due to their high risk but also fundamentally flawed.

Crafting Solutions Through Experience

Fueled by these experiences, I ventured into creating my own EAs, dedicating countless hours to developing strategies that genuinely worked. This journey wasn’t just about creating tools; it was about crafting solutions that I wished I had when I started trading—solutions grounded in real-world experience, not just theoretical knowledge. After extensive testing and refinement, I succeeded in developing three highly profitable EAs. These weren’t just algorithms; they were the culmination of all the lessons learned, the hard-earned knowledge from each trade, each loss, and each victory.

About us Advotrade
Advotrade Expert Advisor

Advotrade: Empowering Traders

Advotrade is more than a company; it’s a testament to the belief that with the right tools, trading doesn’t have to be an emotional rollercoaster. It can be a calculated, strategic pursuit. The EAs offered by Advotrade are continuously monitored, updated, and improved, ensuring they remain effective in the ever-changing landscape of the Forex market. My aim is not just to sell a product but to empower traders like me, who’ve felt the sting of loss and the frustration of tools that don’t work. At Advotrade, we understand the journey because we’ve walked it ourselves, and we’re here to guide others towards a more successful trading path.

Mission, Vision & Values




Empower traders with cutting-edge solutions to navigate financial markets confidently.




Lead in trading innovation, paving the way for intelligent, accessible trading for all.




Integrity, innovation, and customer success guide our pursuit of making trading accessible and efficient.