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To start using an EA, first ensure you have a compatible trading platform installed (MetaTrader 4/5). Then, purchase one of our EA, download it, and install it on your platform. Follow the provided setup instructions to configure your EA according to your trading preferences.

Yes, our EAs work with MetaTrader 4/5 brokers. Performance may vary by broker due to trading conditions. We advise testing on a demo account and choosing a broker with low spreads and minimal slippage for best results.


Most Asked Questions

Once you’ve purchased a license for one of our Expert Advisors (EAs), you have the option to test it on a demo account before you commit to live trading. This approach allows you to familiarize yourself with the EA’s functionality, optimize its settings for your trading strategy, and gauge its performance under simulated market conditions without any financial risk. We strongly recommend using the demo account testing phase to make informed decisions about employing the EA in live trading scenarios.

Yes, it’s possible to customize the settings of our Expert Advisors (EAs). Users can adjust various parameters, including the lot size for each trade, among other settings. While we recommend using the standard settings for optimal performance, adjusting the lot size based on your account size and the maximum drawdown limits, especially for Prop Firms, can help tailor the EA to meet your specific trading requirements and risk tolerance.

The monthly return on using our Expert Advisors (EAs) largely depends on market conditions and the risk management settings you’ve applied. While returns can vary, a realistic target is around 2-5%. This estimate factors in disciplined risk management and the inherent volatility of the markets.

Yes, we offer comprehensive customer support for all our products. This includes setup assistance, troubleshooting, and optimization tips. Support is available via email or live chat

We accept a variety of payment methods to accommodate our clients’ preferences, including Credit Card/Debit Card, Crypto payments, Twint (specifically for our customers in Switzerland), and PayPal.

Like all trading strategies, using EAs involves risk. Market conditions can change rapidly, and no strategy is 100% fail-proof. We advise using risk management practices, such as setting max. Drawdown, and starting with a demo account to familiarize yourself with the EA’s performance.

We continuously monitor and update our EAs to ensure they remain effective in evolving market conditions. Subscribers receive notifications of updates, which are available for download from their account dashboard.

Our EAs are developed based on real-world trading experience and extensive backtesting with multiple Brokers. We focus on robustness, adaptability to various market conditions, and transparency in performance reporting, distinguishing our solutions from others.

This Expert Advisor is compatible with MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms, which are primarily designed for use on PC operating systems. Installation and operation of the EA are intended for PCs, ensuring optimal performance and stability. However, for convenience, traders can monitor and check the EA’s performance through the MT4 or MT5 mobile apps on smartphones or directly on a PC, providing flexibility to stay updated on trading activities from anywhere.

Each license of our Expert Advisor allows for connection to only one trading account. This ensures optimal performance and security for each user. If you wish to use the EA on multiple accounts, additional licenses will need to be purchased for each account.