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Advotrade Titan EA

Advotrade Titan EA is a sophisticated trading bot for MT4 that’s been developed based on five years of trading experience. It’s specifically tailored for trading on the AUDCAD pair, offering precision in identifying the best trading opportunities. This Expert Advisor includes advanced risk management features to protect investments, making it a reliable choice for both prop firms and individual traders looking to enhance your trading strategy.

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Advotrade Titan EA employs a dynamic strategy for trading the AUDCAD pair, effectively operating on both M1 and M5 timeframes to maximize precision and adaptability. At the core of our methodology is the Keltner Channel, essential for pinpointing optimal entry and exit points by highlighting potential overbought or oversold conditions, thereby indicating when prices might be overstretched.

In conjunction with volume analysis, which confirms the momentum behind price movements, our approach is further refined through the integration of a CCI T3 Divergence strategy. This additional layer enhances our ability to validate trades by identifying divergences between the commodity channel index (CCI) and price action. Such divergences often signal potential reversals or continuation of trends, providing a crucial edge in decision-making.

This holistic use of the Keltner Channel, volume analysis, and CCI T3 Divergence empowers the EA with a comprehensive toolkit for analyzing the market. By adding small, strategic positions upon receiving new qualifying signals, we not only improve the potential profitability of trades but also maintain robust risk management. This strategic approach, distinctly NOT reliant on martingale or grid systems, leverages the strengths of each technical indicator to navigate Forex market complexities effectively, aiming for steady growth and prudent risk management.


Advotrade Titan EA emerges from over 5 years of in-depth trading experience, embodying our deep understanding of the Forex market’s intricacies. Our goal has always been to develop a tool that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of traders, providing them with a solid foundation for making informed trading decisions.



To preserve the unique value of Advotrade Titan EA, we’ve chosen to enhance its exclusivity by increasing the price by $100 after every 10 purchases. This strategy ensures that the EA remains a premium offering, available to those who seek a distinctive edge in their trading endeavors.



  • Frequent Trading: Targets multiple trading opportunities, keeping you engaged with the market’s pulse.
  • Fully Automated: Streamlines the trading process from market analysis to trade execution, fully hands-off.
  • Drawdown Protection: Incorporates strategies to safeguard your account against significant drawdowns.
  • Precise Entry and Exit Trading Algorithms: Employs sophisticated algorithms for pinpointing the best entry and exit points.
  • Fixed Stop Loss and Take Profit: Implements a fixed stop loss and Take Profit (or Exit conditions) on all trades to manage risk effectively.
  • Advanced News Filter: Filters out trading during volatile market news events to protect investments.
  • Maximum Spread Filter: Activates trades only under favorable spread conditions to enhance trade efficiency.
  • Maximum Slippage: Controls the slippage to ensure trades are executed within acceptable price deviations, enhancing order execution quality
  • Break Even: Adjusts the stop loss to the opening price after a predefined profit, securing gains and minimizing risk.



  • Currency Pair: Optimized for the AUDCAD pair, offering targeted performance.
  • Timeframe: Best used within the M1 or M5 timeframe for dynamic market engagement. (Please use the Set Files for each Timeframe)
  • Minimum Deposit: A starting balance of $2000 is recommended for effective trade management.
  • Account Type: Utilize an ECN account for low spreads and swap fees, enhancing trade profitability.
  • VPS Usage: Running Advotrade Titan EA on a VPS is advised for continuous, 24/7 operation without interruptions.


Risk Settings:

Use our Lot Size Calculator to calculate the lots: Click here

We recommend setting the maximum drawdown to 5-10%


Set Files:

Set File for AUDCAD M1 TimeframeClick Here

Set File for AUDCAD M5 TimeframeClick Here


Prop Firm Compatibility:

Advotrade Titan EA is designed with prop firm challenges in mind, meeting the strict criteria and risk management requirements needed to succeed. Whether you’re looking to pass a trading challenge or manage a prop firm account, Advotrade Titan is your ideal partner.


Customization & Flexibility:

Tailor Advotrade Titan EA to your trading preferences. Our bot offers adjustable parameters, allowing you to fine-tune risk management settings and other key factors to align with your trading style and objectives, offering you a truly personalized trading experience.


Easy Setup & Installation:

Getting started with Advotrade Titan EA is straightforward and simple. We’ve prepared an easy-to-follow guide for setting everything up. If you need assistance during the installation process, just reach out to us. Our team is here to provide the support you need to ensure a smooth and quick start with Advotrade Titan EA.


Regular Updates & Personalized Support:

Being part of the Advotrade Titan community means more than just access to our expert advisor; it means having a team dedicated to ensuring your trading success. We monitor the market daily, always on the lookout for opportunities to optimize the bot for the latest market conditions. Your feedback is invaluable to us. If you have any specific requests or ideas for criteria or features to add to the bot, please don’t hesitate to write to us. We are committed to providing 100% effort in monitoring Advotrade Titan EA and delivering the best version to you every month. With regular updates, we make sure your EA stays at the forefront of trading technology.

Comparison with Popular EAs

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Advotrade's EAs have transformed my trading with consistent results and exceptional support. Highly recommend for automated trading enthusiasts!


Skeptical at first, I'm now impressed by the performance of Advotrade's EAs. Easy setup and remarkable returns have made a real difference in my trading.


7 reviews for Advotrade Titan EA

4.1 Rating
1-5 of 7 reviews

  1. Profitability :
    Setup Simplicity :

    How effective is it in making profit? : It’s very effective, especially with the right settings

    Was setting it up easy or hard? : Fairly easy, with some customization needed for optimal performance

    The Advotrade Ea has been a valuable addition to my trading strategy.

  2. Profitability :
    Setup Simplicity :

    How effective is it in making profit? : Struggles in volatile markets, but okay in stable conditions

    Was setting it up easy or hard? : Very easy

    Tested for only 1 month so far

  3. Profitability :
    Setup Simplicity :

    How effective is it in making profit? : Good, but patience is needed for best results

    Was setting it up easy or hard? : The easiest setup I’ve encountered

    Solid EA with user-friendly setup. It doesn’t promise overnight riches but offers consistent growth over time.

  4. Profitability :
    Setup Simplicity :

    How effective is it in making profit? : Remarkably profitable, far exceeds other EAs I've tried

    Was setting it up easy or hard? : Requires some effort, but it's worth it for the returns

    Advotrade titan EA delivers impressive profits. The setup process is a bit involved, but the outcomes justify the initial work

  5. Profitability :
    Setup Simplicity :

    How effective is it in making profit? : It's decent, provides stable but modest gains.

    Was setting it up easy or hard? : Extremely easy, very intuitive even for beginners.

    While not a miracle worker, Advotrade Titan EA delivers consistent results. Great for those new to forex EA trading.

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